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Peter Doane, Inspector/ Owner -           WSLHI# 232 SPI #69169 

Realty Check Inspection Service is based in beautiful Olympia, WA.  Owned and operated by Peter Doane.  Over the past 10 years, Peter has been calming nerves and providing his home buying clients with an invaluable service ~ peace of mind with a fully inspected home. 

Why hire us?  Peter is a seasoned and experienced home inspector with close to 4,000 inspections under his belt.  A few years ago, Washington State legislation passed a law requiring all home inspectors to be licensed after Sept. 1st 2009.  Since then, various college, trade schools and home inspection franchisors have been cranking out brand new home inspectors.  What this means to you is that there are a lot of "us" out there to hire, so who do you pick??  First, simply interview them on the phone.  Make sure you hire a home inspector that has several years of real home inspection experience.  Choosing by price alone is never your best bet.

Realty Check is not a multi-inspector company or franchisee whom typically have to pack multiple home inspections in per day to keep their employees busy, payrolls and franchise fee's met.  Not to bash them but what this means to you with Peter as your home inspector is simple, he dosen't have to watch the clock, or hurry through portions of your inspection to insure he make it to the next scheduled appointment.  Peter dedicates 100% how ever long it takes for every one of his clients.  This insures you receive a complete and full inspection and nothing is left...  undocumented!   

Throughout the years, Peter has extended into a 75 mile (no extra charge) service radius as various other RE Agents from near and afar have come to appreciate Peter's tough thoroughness for their clients and recommend him on a regular basis.

  When you're ready to book your home inspection, please give Peter / Realty Check Inspection Service the call! 360.359.8733 You are guaranteed fast, reliable service at a reasonable and compatible local rate.