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Your Inspector - Peter Doane has received formal Home Inspector training at Allied Home Inspection School in Laguna Hills California, and later at the Professional Association of Building Inspectors (PABI) Institute in Seattle Washington.  After formal training, In December 2004 Peter starting out as an inspector apprentice for a full year shadowing and gaining real hands on knowledge from a local veteran inspector until December 2005.  Peter then started his own company in January 2006.  Within those 10+ years, Peter has performed well over 3,800+ inspections throughout the region on homes ranging in age from 1880's up to today new construction technology.  Through this experience, Peter can provide an accurate and thorough visual assessment on any size or aged property you may likely be purchasing.   Realty Check Inspection service's includes a very thorough on site visual inspection, utilizing various data collection methods to insure complete inspection report accuracy.  An overview session at the end of the inspection will explain any significant findings, and your official written report will be expedited to you by email within 24 hours and include full color digital photos to add visual detail to any findings, aiding you and your Real Estate Agent to proceed appropriately with the sales transaction.